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APS Releases New Time Attendance Payroll Integration

Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc. has released an new time and attendance payroll integration service between its web-based software APS OnLine and Attendance Enterprise. This time & attendance software integration will allow business to import employee hours directly into the payroll batch in APS OnLine, eliminating the need to re-key employee hours. Businesses using these services will save time and reduce payroll processing errors.

APS customers using this time and attendance payroll integration will streamline their payroll processing. By eliminating the error-prone process of manual time entry and replacing it with “single click” integration, APS customers can simplify payroll processing.

The feature validates the hours in the import against client-specified customized thresholds to offer yet another layer of error-checking and protection.

“One of the most attractive things about the APS Online product is that it adapts to our customers’ changing needs. As our customers look for specific accounting, 401K or time & attendance solutions, they feel comfortable knowing our product can accommodate their growth by integrating with those solutions,” said Aaron Johnson, APS President. “Their payroll and tax compliance solutions can remain constant even if the other areas of their business change.”

A list of or more popular time and attendance, accounting and 401k integrations can be found at http://www.apspayroll.com/payroll-processing/data-integration/.

About APS Payroll:
Founded in 1996, APS is a technology leader online payroll and tax compliance services. Thousands of businesses from start-ups to large regional banks have chosen APS to eliminate tax compliance risk, streamline payroll processing and improve company performance. APS OnLine, the company’s proprietary web-based technology uses a single platform design that includes payroll, human resources and time & attendance.

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