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Faith Promise Church Embraces Cloud HR, Payroll and Timekeeping

Company Profile

Faith Promise is known as a church where you can come as you are to experience God. What first began in 1995 with 350 men, women and children gathering together for worship in a Tennessee hotel, has grown into a multisite church with an average attendance exceeding 4,200. In 2005, Faith Promise Church was named for the first time as one of Outreach Magazine’s 100 fastest growing churches in America.

The church has Tennessee campus facilities located in West Knoxville and Maryville. A third Tennessee campus opened Easter Sunday in North Knoxville. Faith Promise also hosts services at the University of Tennessee and has launched a worldwide Internet Campus.

At Faith Promise, you will discover an atmosphere designed for people to connect with God and experience life change. Music, drama, video and the latest technology are used to reach multiple generations for Christ.


  • An easy to use, cloud-based payroll system which accommodates church-specific needs
  • A single point of contact for customer service
  • Flexible reporting
  • Export and import integration with the church’s accounting system
  • A system that can grow as the church expands


Faith Promise Church implemented the complete APS OnLine Payroll, Time & Attendance and Human Resource solution in October of 2010. Goin said he was introduced to APS when the company was a sponsor at a church conference he attended. “We liked that APS had experience working with churches and demonstrated a real understanding of what we wanted to achieve,” said Goin. “APS Online has been a great fit for us.”

We liked that APS had experience working with churches and demonstrated a real understanding of what we wanted to achieve… APS has been a great fit for us.

Aaron Goin, CFO, Faith Promise Church

Goin said customer service has dramatically improved with APS. “APS provides an account manager for us to work with,” said Goin. “Our contact answers the question or gets the answer for us. APS is very responsive.”

He said reporting is also easier. “The reporting feature is much more customizable and flexible,” said Goin. “Before we had to consolidate data across spreadsheets, and it was time consuming. Now the reporting process is so smooth and easy. We can also run a report and upload it into our accounting system. The reporting feature alone has saved us money because less time is required to complete the same tasks.”

Launch of Faith Promise’s third Tennessee campus, North Knoxville, Easter Sunday

With several existing campuses and the potential need for additional facilities with continued growth, system capacity was also a factor in the church’s selection of APS. “We don’t have to change anything with growth,” noted Goin. “Our operations are centralized, and we can associate people and accounts with a campus and run reports by location. The APS system will grow with us.”

Even though Faith Promise has only had the APS solution in place for 18 months, Goin said APS has already added enhancements. “The online time off request is new for us this year,” explained Goin. “It is an automatic system that saves time and makes the process much easier for those responsible for approvals and for the employee requesting time off. With eSELFSERVE.COM, our employees can log into the system to submit time off requests, and they are reviewed and approved online.”

Goin said APS’s focus on meeting client needs makes them a valuable payroll system partner. “They are always working to anticipate and address emerging needs. They listen and take steps to develop what is needed. They are also creative about providing interim solutions to address requests in the short-term while a more permanent solution is being developed.” Faith Promise Church selected the APS unified cloud solution and like that their operations are now centralized, making it much easier to manage their multiple campuses. With the potential for additional facilities, they enjoy the ability for APS to grow with their ministry.

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