Central Christian Church Success Story
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Leading Church Manages Rapid Growth with APS Payroll Cloud Payroll Solution

Company Profile

Rapid growth is an understatement when it comes to describing the ever-expanding reach of Central Christian Church. The Church was recognized as one of the top 100 largest and fastest growing churches in America in an Outreach Magazine/LifeWay Research 2011 Special Report. The church ranked 7th in size and 48th in growth nationally with attendance topping 18,000 and rising weekly.

Central Christian is known as a “seeker” church – one that connects the unconnected. In addition to traditional services, the church operates a food pantry and one of the largest rehabilitation programs in the country focusing on recovery from a variety of challenges including drug and alcohol addiction, co-dependency disorders and divorce. With five campuses in Las Vegas (including a Spanish campus), a campus in Tennessee, an online campus, and church-sponsored worship services held in prisons in Nevada, Oklahoma and Colorado, Central Christian is quickly realizing its vision of spreading grace to the world and helping people of all backgrounds embrace a new life in Christ.


  • System capacity and efficiency to accommodate a variety of pay types and apply specific overtime rules
  • Easy-to-edit time card system
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The ability to control access to confidential information
  • An online system to standardize payroll and core HR across campuses
  • Comprehensive core HR support
  • Automated Workers’ Compensation reports
  • Enhanced customer service and church payroll experience


Central Christian Church selected APS OnLine which accommodates payroll, human resources, timekeeping and employee self-service in a single platform design. The full-spectrum employee system of record can be accessed from any location by multiple users, with varying access privileges to ensure protection of sensitive information. The time & attendance solution can accommodate different pay types, allows time cards to be easily edited, and will apply overtimes rules based on employee level.

The HRIS feature can be used to provide convenient, online access to an employee manual. In addition, APS is responsible for preparing and filing all payroll tax returns on behalf of its clients. The classifications for Worker’s Compensation are automated, and the solution’s intelligent design helps users run error-free payrolls.

Central Christian ran its first payroll with the new system in 2007. At the time the Church launched the new system, Eisinger said the time clock now offered by APS and in use at Central Christian was not available.

“We requested it, and it was installed the following year,” said Eisinger. “There has never been a time that we’ve been told ‘no’ to any request. If what we are asking for is not immediately available, it is already in development or soon will be based on our request.” Time cards can be easily edited within the APS solution.

Eisinger said that the APS solution has exceeded expectations. “We have the ultimate confidence in the APS system,” explained Eisinger. “The system has never been down; we’ve never encountered a situation when we couldn’t run reports; and APS does backups for us daily. Once you set up an employee in the system, there is really nothing else to do unless you have a change.”

We have the ultimate confidence in the APS system. The system has never been down; we’ve never encountered a situation when we couldn’t run reports;and APS does back-ups for us daily. Once you set up an employee in the system,there is really nothing else to do unless you have a change.

Mark Eisinger, Business Administrator, Central Christian Church

The ability to access payroll information online has also proved to be invaluable for the organization. “Our CFO is on the road a lot and he loves being able to go online to access the payroll information he needs, when and where he needs it,” said Eisinger. “It’s hard to put a value on that kind of access.”

“We’ve also enjoyed working with a company with so many national contacts,” said Eisinger. “APS was able to give us referrals for companies that provide other human resource related services. For example, they referred us to Werntz and Associates. With our permission, APS interfaces with Werntz to provide information needed for our retirement plan.”

However, Eisinger said it is APS’s customer service that stands out the most. “Even though they are a national company, they make you feel as if there is a person at APS just waiting for your call,” said Eisinger.

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