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Release 5.04.021

The HR Console of APS OnLine has been updated to include the storage of employee profile pictures. This feature is only available to customers utilizing the HR Console. If you are not currently utilizing the HR Console and would like to learn more, please visit our website at http://www.apspayroll.com/hr/ or contact your account manager.

Employee profile pictures can be used to identify employees with close-up portrait thumbnail images of each employee in the employee record. To upload an employee profile picture, you have two options:

  • From the employee record click the default thumbnail icon next to the employee name, then select browse to locate the photo on your computer, click Save and your picture should appear.

NOTE: To change or replace an image, simply click the image again, browse for the new image, then click Save and the image will be replaced.

  • From the Employee Documents tab of the Document Management section in the HR Console, click Add Document, browse for the photo, select the Employee name from the drop-down menu, click the check box to indicate that the file is the employee’s profile picture, and then click Save or Save & Exit.

A few notes about the image:

  • Only images in JPG format are accepted
  • Images will be re-sized automatically upon upload, so any size, resolution, or dimension is ok to use
  • Close-ups of employees’ faces are strongly suggested as images will be approximately 50px in height when re-sized (no full-body pics, group pictures, etc.)
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A few other items have been updated in this release:

In the Report Builder, the following templates have been updated:

  • The Employee Census and Net Pay templates now include the bank account field that the employee is being paid from.
  • The Scheduled Deductions template now includes the deduction effective date.

In the general ledger report and exports, the APS service fee has been moved from the Net Pay section to the Tax Settlement section of the general ledger. This change has been made so that the tax liability draft that is issued to customer accounts, which includes the APS service fee, will match the Tax Settlement totals of the general ledger.

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