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October, 2016

4 Steps to a Successful HR Solution Implementation

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4 Steps to a Successful HR Solution Implementation

You’ve spent months researching, reading, and reviewing different HR solution providers to find just the right fit for your company. You’ve sat through demos, negotiated pricing, and your decision makers have all approved the push to a new platform. All that hard work has paid off! Now all that’s left is implementing your new HR solution.

This is probably the moment when a wave of anxiety washes over you. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to transfer all of your data into a new system and still have time to get everything else on your plate done.

An implementation process can be a scary thing - it can either go smoothly or crash and burn. But if you follow these four steps, you’ll be giving yourself a high five for a successful HR solution implementation:

Planning For A Workforce Management Implementation

1. Plan Like You've Never Planned Before

When it comes to an implementation, there’s no such thing as too much planning. There are many things to consider since a new HR solution will impact your business across the board. Some things to consider with your new HR system include:
  • Should you make any changes to your current HR processes?
  • What goals or strategic initiatives are you trying to accomplish with this new technology?
  • Will you need to integrate the new HR solution with any other existing investments?
  • How will your legacy data be imported into the new system?
  • How will you handle rolling the new HR solution out to the company?
  • What needs to happen post-implementation?
You can also work closely with your implementation manager to make sure your company goals align with how the new HR solution will be used.
Team Implementation

2. Make It A Team Effort

An HR solution implementation shouldn’t fall squarely on one person’s shoulders (yes, that’s you). It should be a team effort to ensure a smooth transition. Involve key department personnel in your company (i.e. payroll and department managers) who will use the new system so everyone is in the loop and everyone can be trained properly.
Preparing Company for Workforce Management Transition

3. Prepare Your Company For The Transition

Change is that ugly word no one likes to hear at work. But change can indeed be for the better. However, it’s never a good idea to spring a new technology on employees without preparing them first. If you communicate ahead of time what is changing and what the impact will be to both individuals and company, there will be less resistance. Prepare your workforce with the proper training and be available to answer any questions that may arise.
Work With The Right Partner

4. Work With The Right Partner

When you were evaluating your HR solution provider, you looked at several factors to determine if they were the right fit. One of the key factors you should have looked at is their implementation process. How an implementation process is handled can very quickly set the tone of how your relationship will be with your HR solution provider. To ensure you’re working with a provider who is reliable and trustworthy, ask them what their implementation process consists of so you know what to expect. It should include the following:
  • A detailed plan including scope, projects to complete, information the provider will need from you to begin setup, and who you will be working with during and after implementation.
  • A training plan to ensure all essential personnel feel confident using the new solution.
  • Project reviews to ensure the implementation is running smoothly and deadlines are being met.
  • A kickoff conversation to determine your short-term and long-term strategies, as well as any integrations or customizations needed.
  • A testing phase to make sure the solution is performing accurately with your data before launch.
  • A process for transition from implementation to your account manager for continued success.

How APS can help

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Looking to make a smooth transition to a new payroll provider? It’s easier than you think and APS can help you along every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation. For the past four years, we have ranked as a High Performer, Best Customer Support, Ease of Use, Functionality, and Product Quality by G2 Crowd. We have also been ranked the #1 software company in Louisiana, a testament to the confidence our clients have in our work.

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