APRIL, 2019


8 Hilariously Awkward Recruitment Stories

Recruiting top talent for your company is a challenging task. It can also be eye-opening as you tend to run into all walks of life during the hiring process. And while you’re pouring over resumes, scheduling phone interview after phone interview, and narrowing your search down to the right people, some comical (and downright head-scratching) moments can occur.

We talked to a recruiter at a well-known financial services company and he shared his top eight hilariously awkward recruitment stories. Let’s take a look at some moments when the hiring process didn’t go quite as expected:

1. The Undecided Employee

I asked an applicant why he was leaving his current employer, and he told me, “I don’t know.” That’s definitely not an answer that would make me want to hire someone. It’s important to think about your reasons for seeking employment elsewhere so if you’re asked that question, you can give an educated answer.


2. Desperately Seeking Anything

I understand that when people apply for a position at my company, they are more than likely applying at other companies as well. That’s why it’s important for applicants to update which company they’re applying to when submitting their resume. I’m glad you’re seeking entry-level employment at a hospital to further your nursing career, but I’m looking for someone who wants to work for a bank.


3. The Grammar Gaffe

Spellcheck is a great tool to use, but it’s still important to read your resume and ensure the wrong word didn’t get used. I had a resume come across my desk where the applicant was applying for a “costumer service” position. It’s customer, not costumer. This is a bank, not a theater.

4. Email Embarrassment

Sometimes you reach a point in your life where it makes sense to update your email address. This is especially important when applying for jobs. I can’t stress this enough: use a professional email address. Ilikeboobs89@gmail.com is not. While hilarious, it doesn’t work in your favor.

5. You’ve Got Too Much Mail

I can’t tell you how important it is to delete your old voicemails. Mailboxes have a limit and recruiters can’t leave one if it’s full. On the flip side, it’s also important to make sure your voicemail box is actually set up and able to receive messages. Again, recruiters can’t leave one if you neglect to activate it.


6. Period Piece

I had an applicant reply back to an email I sent in a single, run-on sentence. Thank you for replying, but seriously, it’s called a period. Learn to use one.

7. Blast From the Past

Why yes, listening to your ringback tone of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is exactly what I want to hear just before our phone interview. Ringback tones are not cool. They weren’t cool in 2007, and they definitely aren’t cool now.

8. What’s in a Name?

Candidates, if you can’t discern the difference between where your first name goes versus your last name on your application, what makes you think I’d consider you a good fit for taking calls from people who want a credit card?

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