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February, 2019

The Love Language of Employee Empowerment

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The Love Language of Employee Empowerment

In part three of our Love Languages series, we talked about Receiving Gifts and how that concept is applicable to payroll. In part four of this five-part series, we’re going to discuss the love language: Quality Time as it relates to employee empowerment.

How to Apply Quality Time in the Workplace

When employees are empowered to provide input and make decisions within the company, a wonderful thing happens: they become more committed to their job, more loyal to their company, and more conscientious of the impact they’re making. Employee empowerment is contagious. Engaging employees on a regular basis and making them feel like an essential part of the company is time well spent. And the result will echo throughout the organization.

Power to the People

We’ve all heard empowered employees lead to increased productivity and reduced costs, which are great benefits for companies. But how do employees benefit from being more engaged? When you focus first on making sure your employees are happy, it goes without saying that your company will also be impacted positively. The key is to treat your workforce as humans first, and employees second.

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Using Quality Time with Employee Empowerment

HR professionals have the power to set the stage for providing a quality employee experience without promising the world. Successfully implementing and executing a few engagement initiatives will go a long way with your workforce. The best place to start is to ensure there is open and ongoing communication between managers and employees. When employees know they are being heard and listened to, they feel more engaged at work and are more likely to stay with the company.

There are many other ways you can empower employees and humanize them in the workplace. Here are a few to consider:

Employee Communication

Give Them Voices

Give employees an internal voice and encourage them to contribute to the company beyond their everyday tasks. Being proactive in seeking their input and feedback lets employees know their ideas, expertise, and personal experiences are valued. This can be something as small as voting on an employee of the month or something further reaching, like providing ideas on how to improve company policies.

Employee Excellence

Recognize Their Excellence

Another way to motivate employees is to celebrate their merit using recognition platforms or technologies, like a company newsletter or event. This recognition can come from managers, colleagues, or even customers. However you choose to acknowledge your employees, the important thing is to make sure they know their efforts don’t go unnoticed and their hard work is appreciated.

Employee Wellness Program

Elevate Their Everyday Treatment

Organizations have made strides over the past few years around employee benefits. In fact, 70 percent of employers offer some type of wellness program, resource, or service to employees. It’s important to also think about other aspects of your employees’ health, including their emotional and even financial well-being.

Empowering Your Employees

Workers feel fulfilled when they know they are part of an extended family and contributing to their company’s growth and success. aster the love language of Quality Time in the workplace by ensuring your employees feel empowered and engaged.

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How APS Can Help

APS provides cloud-based solutions for core HR processes, providing organizations with the technology they need to be more productive and efficient. With APS’s online platforms, HR managers can easily and paperlessly manage and track employee benefits. Online benefits administration simplifies open enrollment for both you and your employees. APS’ eSelfServe employee portal allows employees to personally and securely elect their desired benefits offered by your organization, with the appropriate deductions automatically calculated each pay period.

For more information, please visit or call 855-945-7921.

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