Mid-Year Payroll Conversions

Changing payroll providers doesn't have to be a headache. A mid-year payroll conversion with APS may be the best thing you accomplish all year. What are you waiting for? Let's go!
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Best Times to Change Payroll Providers

You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to switch payroll providers. While mid-year conversions are a great time to make a change, anytime is the right time to convert to a new and better payroll provider. No matter what time of year works best for you, APS will handle your year-end processing and tax filings for a pain-free payroll conversion.

Q2 - April to June








Q3 - July to September








Q4 - October to December








Q1 - January to March








Why Our Mid-Year Conversions Are Different

APS is a company that believes in the value innovative technology brings to businesses, but never at the expense of personal communication and relationships. With us, you have a team behind your organization
that knows YOU.

Mid-Year Conversions Done Right

Our goal is to make your mid-year payroll conversion as smooth and seamless as possible. We have a proven process for ensuring complete accuracy and satisfaction up to and beyond your first live payroll processing.

Tax Catch Up

  • We’ll take care of importing your history
  • We’ll fix any errors we find
  • We’ll pay your taxes if your previous provider hasn’t

History Verification

  • Multi-state taxes
  • Non-scheduled payments
  • Pre-tax versus post-tax deductions
  • Validation testing and parallel payrolls

Proactive Payroll

We believe that our clients deserve the best, easy-to-use management solutions delivered with personalized service and support. Our team builds our technologies from the ground up, focusing on intuitive usability, reliability, compliance, and effectiveness.

What’s Included¹

Don’t worry, we’ll do the heavy lifting to make your mid-year payroll conversion a smooth process.

  • Year-end processing, including W-2s and 1099s
  • Historical payroll data entry
  • Payroll processing with direct deposit
  • Garnishments processing, including printing and mailing
  • Payroll tax filing², including 940s and 941s
  • Integrations with Intacct, Quickbooks, and more
  • Live training using your own company and employee data
  • Dedicated account manager available via phone, chat, or email
  • Payroll reports and custom reporting
  • Dashboards for key analytics at your fingertips
  • Employee records management
  • Time off tracking and reporting
  • New hire reporting
  • Employee self service on any device

HR Department of Done

APS understands the challenges organizations of all sizes face, which is why we craft a full spectrum of cloud solutions that address all aspects of employee management. By maintaining a vision of unified systems that make workforce management nearly effortless, we support our clients in their growth and success.


We Make it Easy To:

  • Take control of your payroll, tax compliance, and filings while reducing errors.
  • Track and manage your benefits in a centralized database.
  • Create, assign, and manage schedules to streamline your workforce.
  • Develop a recruiting and onboarding strategy tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Execute your ACA strategy with our compliance services.
  • Access real-time reports for powerful decision making from any device.

“APS is fast and intuitive. Our previous contractors were ADP and Paychex and neither were intuitive. Our payroll runs have less errors now than with previous vendors. Payroll prep time is down from 5 hours with ADP to 2 hours with APS.”

- Ronald D. Tompkins, Executive Director, 82nd Street Academics

Compliance Connoisseurs

Managing payroll, HR, and ACA compliance is a daunting task…with APS, it isn’t. Our team of certified compliance experts is there to support your business, reducing the risk of errors and giving you back valuable time in your day.

Worry-Free Tax Compliance

  • Guaranteed accuracy and timeliness*
  • Reduced tax compliance risk
  • No software or tax table updates required
  • Tax penalties paid if it’s our error

We’re Along for the Ride

  • Federal, state, and local tax filings and payments
  • 940 Federal Unemployment, 941 Quarterly filing
  • Year-end processing, including W-2s and 1099s
  • New hire reporting

Simplified Payroll Management

  • Garnishment payments
  • Direct deposit and paycards
  • Paycheck reconciliation available
  • Tax rate overrides for supplemental pay

Exceptional Customer Service

APS approaches customer support proactively, so you’ll work with experienced training and support teams whose goal is to anticipate your concerns, support your needs, and provide continual collaboration. We want our clients to feel confident that they have the help they need when they need it.

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Pricing That Doesn't Break the Bank

Using the best unified solution for payroll, core HR, and attendance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

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Businesses Love APS for Payroll, Core HR, and Attendance

APS Payroll G2 Crowd Best HR Software for Administration Teams 2017
Gartner Software Advice 2017 FrontRunners Badge
APS Best Relationship Mid-Market Payroll
APS Payroll Capterra User Reviews

Why Our Mid-Year Conversions Are Better

APS knows technology only helps when your team feels confident and supported when using it. Our team embodies our values of top-quality service you can trust, which is what truly makes APS stand out
from the competition.

We're Security Buffs

Our advanced multi-level security has never been breached, and we utilize two-factor authentication for
client logins.

We’re Efficient

Our typical implementation takes four to six weeks.

We’re Compliance Professionals

Our tax compliance services consistently achieve an almost perfect output, resulting in less than 0.0000034%.

We’re Five-Star Rated

We surround our clients with a team of certified account managers and
dedicated specialists.

Any Questions?

Still wondering if a mid-year payroll conversion is right for you? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about changing payroll providers.

Can I convert to APS any time during the year?

Yes you can! APS can convert your payroll any time of the year and we’ll even handle your year-end processing.

How do you handle W-2s for a mid-year conversion?

We’ll enter all history for the current year and reconcile your 941 returns. Your employees will be able to access their W-2s using our self-service portal.

How will I get all of my company data into your system?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our implementation team will help you with migrating your payroll data into the APS system and run tax catch ups, history verification, and parallel payrolls to validate data accuracy.

Will I receive training to use your system?

Absolutely! While our system is super easy to use and has a high adoption rate, we still provide every client with a custom training plan using their own data in the APS system.

Can APS handle my complex payroll processing?

We can handle anything you throw at us, including multiple pay rates, varied pay frequencies, and even garnishment processing. We always love a chance to flex our payroll muscles!

¹Included in base price, additional fees apply to additional services.

²Includes one state, federal filing, new hire reporting, and unemployment payments and filings. APS guarantees tax payments and filings to be accurate and timely, as long as the data provided to APS is accurate and timely and the customer’s account is sufficiently funded to cover all payroll tax liabilities. If a tax penalty is the result of our error, we’ll maintain the abatement process and absorb any fines or interest due.


APS is trusted and used by companies all over the nation.

"APS is the PERFECT SOLUTION! They provide excellent customer service and are always dependable. Their participation in my business allows us to focus on what matters most in today’s competitive business landscape."

Louis DeAngelo, Cinque Hospitality

Louis DeAngelo

Founder at Cinque Hospitality

"APS customer service is top notch. They are so helpful and you get a really quick response. You don’t ever sit on hold for hours on end and you get the RIGHT answer or resolution to your problem."

Lindsey Rosin

Controller at Ledgestone Hospitality

"APS is fast and intuitive. Our previous contractors were ADP and Paychex and neither were intuitive. We have fewer errors now and payroll prep time is down from 5 hours with ADP to 2 hours with APS."

Ronald D. Tompkins

Executive Director at 82nd Street Academics

We're Ready When You Are

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