G2 Crowd Mid-Market Payroll Implementation Index 

G2 Crowd, the leading independent software review platform on the web, ranks products by collecting unbiased feedback from business professionals. The latest Mid-Market Payroll Implementation Index ranks the APS Payroll solution as a leading software platform. We’re excited to share its findings:

  • APS is ranked 1st overall in the Implementation index for Payroll software.
  • APS earned an Implementation Score of 8.78, outperforming the average of 7.9.
  • APS outperformed competitors like ADP, Paycom, Workforce Now, UltiPro, Paylocity, and Gusto Payroll.

Our Software Wins Awards

G2 Crowd High Performer
Gartner Software Advice 2018 FrontRunners Badge
G2 Crowd Best Relationship Mid-Market Payroll
Capterra Top 20 Most Popular Payroll Software
We're Ready When You Are

We're Ready When You Are

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