Mid-Year Payroll Conversions Checklist

Switching payroll providers isn’t just a beginning of the year task as many companies look to a mid-year conversion when they are ready for a change. Mid-year can be the right time to convert to a new payroll provider, especially when you have a dedicated account team who knows payroll. This checklist provides the tools you need for a payroll conversion that will eliminate duplicate data especially when entry, save you time during payroll processing, and ensure compliance.

This checklist offers you guidance on the mid-year payroll conversion processes, including:

  • Questions to ask providers you’re researching to determine if they will properly manage your mid-year conversion.
  • What information to gather for a smooth payroll conversion process.
  • Common conversion challenges so you can avoid correcting complex payroll processing discrepancies during the switch.
  • Mid-year payroll conversion tips from an experienced team to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.

Download your free checklist and learn how a mid-year payroll conversion could be the best thing you accomplish this year.

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