Minimum Wage Rates

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Minimum Wage Rates Explained

Employers are required to comply with wage and hour laws that regulate minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest rate that employers are required to pay their non-exempt employees (unless the employee meets certain, state-specific exceptions such as those for tipped employees).

In some cases, the state and federal minimum wage will differ, and whichever is higher, must be paid. It is important to stay up-to-date on any minimum wage changes that occur in your state and ensure you are properly paying your non-exempt employees.

The following is a list of minimum wage rates for each state and federal contractors for 2019 announced, to date. The list also includes scheduled increases for future years.

Please Note: Some cities, counties, state governments, and companies have higher minimum wage rates than the state minimum. Make sure you check with your state department of labor for rates in locations where you conduct business.

How APS Can Help

The APS Report Manager makes it easy to determine if any employees are below the minimum wage rate so you are always compliant.

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