Carrier Connections

Isn’t time to automate your benefit enrollment data management with your benefits administration? With Carrier Connections, you can. Reduce the chance of errors, decrease your costs, and improve employee service by eliminating pesky paper forms and enrollment reports for carriers.

Automated Carrier Integrations

With Carrier Connections, you can easily automate your benefit providers paperwork and manage your benefits administration all in the same system.


APS transmits all of your benefits paperwork directly to your providers…no more pesky paperwork!


Manage all of your benefit plans, including medical, dental, vision, FSA, and more.

Cost-Saving Communication

No more duplicate data entry and paperwork errors. And say goodbye to charges for terminated or ineligible employees!

Technology That Does the Work for You

Our goal is to make benefits administration as easy as possible for you. With Carrier Connections, you’ll enjoy an intuitive, reliable user experience that gives you back valuable time in your day. How awesome is that?

Let Us Do the Work

Carrier Connections automatically transmits your benefits data to your carriers. You can even send updates as needed.

Intuitive Technology

Carrier Connections doesn’t require complex technology or IT support…just an Internet connection.

Fast and Reliable

We’ll have your electronic connections up and running in just weeks with accurate and timely delivery of your benefits data using our Sigma Six process design and control.

Extensive Carrier Network

We support any type of benefit from any type of carrier to match your company’s offerings. These are just a few of the carriers we have worked with…and the list continues to grow.

Strategic, Secure, and Compliant

With Carrier Connections, you can be more strategic in your daily business activities while maintaining security and compliance with your benefits information.

Redeploy IT Efforts

With automated communication, your IT team can spend their time on more strategic tasks.


Your sensitive benefits data is always transmitted using security protocols, encryption, and authentication certificates.


Carrier Connections supports all applicable standards and protocols, including the HIPPAA 834 standard.

People Trust Us with Their Benefit Provider Integrations Needs

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