Analytics & Reporting

Workforce management analytics and global reporting for core HR, payroll, attendance, ACA, and recruiting metrics are right your fingertips. Our reports and dashboards provide actionable insight for more informed decision making.

Report Manager

Choose from a variety of pre-built reports for instant and concise information. Gain access to data such as labor costs and benefits eligibility. Our reports give you complete visibility into company metrics.

Payroll Reports

General Ledger
Payroll Allocation
Employee Headcount
Worker’s Compensation
Payroll Batch
Employer Matching
Payroll Summary (Audit)

HR and Employee Reports

New Hires
Event Tracking
Accrual Balance
Average Employee Count

Attendance Reports

Labor Expense
Overtime Shifts
Daily Clock In/Out
Missed Punches
Shift Differential Details
Scheduled Time Off

ACA and Recruiting Reports

1094-C and 1095-C
Full Time Equivalent
Average Hours Compensated/Week
ACA Measurement History
Job Detail
Time to Fill
Source Analysis

Report Builder

Create custom reports in just a few clicks for a deeper dive into your company’s data. Save your custom reports as favorites for quick access.

Make it Your Own

Choose from a selection of report templates or create your own. You can even save your absolute favorites to save even more time.

Slice and Dice

Select from any combination of columns such as demographics, income, or custom options.

Dive Deeper

Create data filters for reporting truly customized to your needs.

People Trust Us With Their Analytics & Reporting Needs

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Organizational Reporting

It’s easier than ever to dive into trends across multiple locations or company entities. APS can help you with all of your global reporting needs.

Complete Transparency

Easily create cross-company custom reports for greater visibility into metrics and trends across locations and entities.

Report Shipping

With Report Shipping, you can schedule custom reports to run and email to anyone in your company.


Total Control

Make custom reports public or private and share them with other users.


Combine and visualize you company data from core HR, payroll, time and attendance, and ACA in one centralized location. Dashboards give you real-time information at your fingertips for better collaboration and more informed decision making.

Automated Reporting

No more compiling data manually from separate systems, spreadsheets, or other reports. Dashboards are automatically updated for increased efficiency.


Drive Accountability

Metrics are visible to those responsible for driving your organization’s performance. No more miscommunication; no more missed communications.

Better Organization

Customize dashboards with the information you want at your fingertips. View trends over custom date ranges for better decision making.

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