When Rainbow Sandals needed to catch the unified payroll, core HR, and attendance wave, they turned to APS.

About Rainbow Sandals:

Rainbow Sandals, Inc. is located in San Clemente, California. They produce many types of sandals, as well as shoes and boots which are sold online, at department and specialty stores nationwide, at an original factory store in San Clemente, and at company-owned retail stores in New York City and Los Angeles.

Wholesale, Distribution, and Supply

APS Solutions Used:
Payroll | Core HR | Benefits Administration |
Time & Attendance


  • Lack of customer support.
  • Controlling costs.
  • Adopting a solution that matched the quality of their product and people.
  • Visibility into key data and metrics.
  • Ability to integrate exiting time clocks with payroll software.

APS met all of our goals with their unified online payroll, HR, reporting and time & attendance solutions. We are very happy with their customer support and they have saved us thousands of dollars in fees.

Chris Bevel

Human Resources Vice President


When management decided to change providers, Chris Bevel, Human Resources Vice President, said they identified four primary requirements when considering the selection of a new payroll company:

  • Provide a unified payroll, human resources, and time tracking soluiton with strong report generation and dvelopment capacity.
  • Deliver reudced costs and significantly improve customer service.
  • Offer a solution that can utilize existing biometric clocks.
  • Unify human resource and payroll functions.
  • Provide an online system that allows for employee transparency and access from any location.


Unified workforce management.

Rainbow Sandals implemented the APS platform for payroll, human resources, and time & attendance, immediately noticing improvements in customer support.

“…We couldn’t be more pleased with the change. APS met all of our goals with their unified online payroll, HR, reporting and time & attendance solutions. We are very happy with their customer support, and they have saved us thousands of dollars in fees.”

Integration with existing business investments.

Bevel said APS technical support tested her company’s existing biometric clocks for compatibility prior to starting the implementation, which was an important priority for the company.

“APS demonstrated a willingness to work with what we had and an understanding of what we wanted to do from the beginning. That attitude has continued long after implementation. Anytime I ask for something or want to try something different, they are up to the challenge.”

Empowered employees.

Bevel said the new system also further empowers employees with the information they need.

“They can see their clock-in times, demographics, PTO accruals, benefits and W-2s anytime they need to by accessing the system. It gives them more control over their own information and improves personal accountability.”

Accurate payroll in any situation.

She said it has also been invaluable to have the option to run payroll from any location. With the APS system, Rainbow Sandals provides its employees with reliable continuity they can trust.

“If I were to be impacted by a disaster such as a wildfire and couldn’t get to the office, I can do payroll from home. In this day and age, companies must have a payroll system that can continue to be accessed and run irrespective of disasters and other unknowns.”

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