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APS Mobile delivers actionable payroll, HR, and attendance information from any device.

Take Your Workforce Management on the Go

Sometimes you need to take care of business when you’re not in the office. APS Mobile makes it easy to be productive no matter where you are.


Manager Self Service

  • Conduct business efficiently from smartphones or tablets.
  • Mobile access to employee records, issued company assets, and accrual balances.
  • Know the status of your workforce, such as employees on vacation and who’s clocked in and out.
  • Stay on top of employee events and dates, such as annual reviews and anniversaries.

Employee Self Service

  • Mobile access to information like pay stubs, W-2s, benefits enrollment, and time off requests.
  • Valuable employee and company information is safe even on the go in our private, secure cloud.
  • Employees can use their mobile devices to edit their demographic information, emergency contacts, and tax statuses.

Mobile Clock In

  • Create Clock Zones™ using an address and adjust the radius as needed.
  • Employees can clock in from any mobile device using GPS tracking.
  • Receive an instant view of employees’ mobile punches.
  • Control which employees use mobile clock in and where.

Manager and Employee Self Service

Equip your managers and employees with access to relevant attendance information.

  • Save time by giving your employees and managers the power to be productive from any device.
  • Delegate tasks and ensure accountability with visibility of time off requests, available PTO balances, and employee clock-in statuses.

What our customers are saying

minimizes the workload


APS allows employees to enter their time, mileage and expenses, supervisors to approve based on schedules or preset requirements, and minimizes the workload for the payroll administrator. My payroll processing time for payroll went from 2 days to 2 hours.

Deborah Raney

The Hospice of East Texas

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