Centralized Core HR

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The APS Core HR Solution

The cloud-based way to handle all of your people-related activities.

Centralized with You in mind

Organize and oversee your employees from hire to retire in a centralized view.

Fewer Steps to Finish the Task

Manage employee information in a few simple clicks.

HR in the Cloud

Track and access vital company data from any device.

Online Benefits Administration

Easily conduct online enrollment, submit information to your plan provider, and adjust benefit plans as needed.

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Definitive HR Guide

What’s missing from your workforce management tools? Download our Definitive HR Guide to find out.

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APS Dashboards

APS Dashboards brings your business and all
its data together into one efficient and convenient platform.

  • All workforce management data in one place
  • Automated reporting
  • Increased transparency for better accountability
  • Visualization
  • Organization

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Manager and Employee Self Service

A total solution for managers and employees
with access to powerful tools from any device.

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“We are very happy with APS’s customer support, and they have saved us thousands of dollars in fees.”

Chris Bevel

Human Resources Vice President, Rainbow Sandals, Inc.

Employee Life Cycle Management

A closed-loop HR system to track everything and lose nothing.

APS Hire

APS Hire makes it easy to create jobs, evaluate qualified candidates, and hire the right people all from a modern, unified solution. We’re here to help you build your team, save time, and reduce costs.

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Centralized Event Tracking

Easily track and manage all important employee events, such as pay changes, position changes, and certification renewals. View an individual employee’s timeline of events or run reports from the HRIS system to get a global view of all employees’ activities. Utilize our dashboard alerts to remember important dates.

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Online Performance Reviews

Empower employees and managers with online performance reviews. Create goal accountability and make performance decisions based on real-time data.

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“Very powerful and simple to use… very user friendly, very intuitive.
I strongly feel that no one can compete with APS. Each year I look at other vendors and evaluate their product and pricing, and I’ve yet to find a better solution.”

Kelli Greenberg

Desert Mountain Club, Inc.

ACA Compliance Tools

APS provides tools and features to help you easily manage ACA compliance. Visit our Affordable Care Act Resources page to find out more.

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Core HR Reporting

Clear, comprehensive reports at your fingertips.

Our core HR reporting suite includes 80+ standard reports and dynamic forms for instant information on EEO1, OSHA, and employee turnover.

  • Select from a variety of data fields, sorting options, and advanced filters and export in Excel or PDF formats.
  • Access point-in-time data for trend and comparative analysis, as well as a complete historical review.

8 Ways to Manage ACA Compliance with APS

Manage, track, and report ACA requirements with our suite of ACA compliance tools.

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Why APS for core HR?

With online benefits administration, streamlined management of your employees from hire to retire, and a comprehensive reporting suite for actionable insight, the real question is…

why not APS?

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