Efficient, Modern Time & Attendance

Unify time & attendance with our core HR and payroll to decrease
labor costs and reduce compliance risks.

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The APS Time & Attendance Solution

The cloud-based answer to time and labor management that’s built to fit your business.

Unified Time and Labor Management

Time & attendance integrated with payroll and core HR in the cloud.

Easy Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees with streamlined time off requests and clock-in features.

Configurable Time Clock Solutions

Multiple options to fit your unique needs for accurate time capture.

APS Dashboards

APS Dashboards brings your business and all
its data together into one efficient and convenient platform.

  • All workforce management data in one place
  • Automated reporting
  • Increased transparency for better accountability
  • Visualization
  • Organization

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“When we first went to the new time clock, I was amazed that I could complete payroll in a day and a half instead of three days…time saved is money saved.”

René Adams

PHR, Human Resources Manager, S&W Wholesale Foods, LLC

Time and Labor Management Simplified

A solution unified with payroll that makes employee time management and labor cost control easy.

Flexible Time and Labor Management

Accurately capture hours of service across departments for proactive labor cost management. Our time & attendance dashboard provides alerts for an instant view of missed punches, time off requests, and employees in or approaching overtime.

Time Off Requests Simplified

Employees can submit time off requests through the employee self-service site or on their mobile device. Managers can view potential overlapping time off requests, available accrual balances, and approve requests all from one screen. Time off request histories with supervisor comments can be viewed by employees and managers for complete transparency.

Advanced Time Clock Rules

Easily configure advanced time clock rules, automatic overtime rules for FLSA compliance, and shift differentials. Time clock rules eliminate the need for you to do labor-intensive calculations and ensure your employees are paid accurately.

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Awesome job!!! When I do my payroll with APS – they worry about paying the taxes. I never have to worry about this matter. I have realized how efficient APS is with our business. And I love the customer service. Anytime I have a question, my rep is there for me.

Sandy. D

Christian Brothers School

Manager and Employee Self Service

A total solution for managers and employees
with access to powerful tools from any device.

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Time Clock Solutions

Tailor your time capture to meet the needs of your diverse workforce.

Biometric Verification

Our biometric verification time clock confirms the identity of the employee by reading the shape of their hand. This eliminates buddy punching time fraud.

Online Time Capture

Whether your employees are clocking in at their desk, a centralized kiosk, or using online timesheets, our solutions allow you to assign any combination of online time capture options to specific job roles or departments.

Mobile Clock-In

With ClockZones™, employees can clock in from any mobile device using GPS tracking. You gain an instant view of when, where, and how often your mobile workers clock in.

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ACA Compliance Tools

APS provides tools and features to help you easily manage ACA compliance. Visit our Affordable Care Act Resources page to find out more.

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Time & Attendance Reporting

Reporting designed to give you actionable insights.

Our time & attendance reports provide accurate and instant information on hours worked, overtime, and employees approaching overtime to proactively manage labor expense.

  • Run point-in-time reports across any date range to audit time card changes and identify trends.
  • Build custom reports to view time card details across locations, departments, wage types, or classification.
  • Dashboard alerts to monitor part-time employees approaching 30 hours of service during the workweek to support your ACA strategy.

8 Ways to Manage ACA Compliance with APS

Manage, track, and report ACA requirements with our suite of ACA compliance tools.

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Why APS for time & attendance?

With unified time and labor management, flexible time clock solutions, and powerful reporting for labor expense management, the real question is…

why not APS?

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