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Banks and financial institutions face challenges with managing regulatory and internal training, schedule employees across departments and branches efficiently, and eliminate overwhelming, paper-based processes. APS helps financial institutions and banks adapt and thrive by increasing visibility into the information that matters most so you can offer your clients more value and service.

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Multi-Branch Workforce Management
You Can Bank On

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track and manage all of your employee training in the same system you use to pay them? We think so too, and that’s how we designed our platform. We also believe scheduling shouldn’t be a time-consuming and manual process. With APS, you have the power to create, assign, and edit schedules as you see fit.

So, you could continue spending most of your workday being reactive and dealing with tasks like correcting timesheets, fixing payroll errors, and drowning in a mountain of paperwork. Or, you can automate your workforce management processes once and for all with APS.

Financial Services Benefits

  • Easily track and manage internal and federal employee training and receive alerts for enrollments, completions, and upcoming renewals.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes for good with a centralized database that ensures your employee and branch data is always accurate.
  • Our intuitive payroll solution provides the flexibility to manage your financial institution’s commission and bonus structures.
  • Use real-time analytics and dashboards to gain cross-branch visibility into your branch’s performance, such as turnover rates and labor expenses.
  • We’ll help you stay on top of your regulatory compliance needs with our single-system design and certified tax experts.
  • Create, assign, and manage schedules for departments and branches with our easy-to-use templates.
  • Utilize our built-in Affordable Care Act solution to help you manage compliance and reporting for your financial services organization.

Our Platform for Banks and Financial Institutions

We thought you’d like to take a look at what makes our workforce management platform different. With solutions we built with our own two hands (ok, more hands than that were involved), our mission is to provide exceptional workforce technology and services that simplify the lives of our clients’ employees, managers, and administrators.

Core HR, Payroll, and Attendance

Our unified workforce management platform includes Core HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance to help you organize, manage, pay, and schedule your financial services workforce while reducing costs and risks.

Benefits Administration


Carrier Connections

Performance Reviews

Payroll Tax Compliance



Organizational Reporting and Employee Management

Help Center with Access to Videos and Tutorials

Recruiting & Onboarding

It’s time to get strategic with our Recruiting & Onboarding solution, APS Hire. Now you can easily attract, hire, and onboard top talent for your bank or financial institution with the same platform you use to manage everything else about your workforce.

Applicant Tracking

Careers Pages and Job Postings

Questions and Assessments


References and Background Checks



ACA Compliance and Reporting

Our ACA Compliance and Reporting solution takes the complexity out of ACA compliance for banks and financial institutions. Because it’s part of the same platform as our Core HR, Payroll, and Attendance solutions, you have peace of mind knowing you’re always working with up-to-date and accurate data.

Strategy and Compliance

Benefits and Staff Management


ACA Tracking and Dashboard Alerts

1094-C and 1095-C Reporting

Workforce Management Shouldn’t Feel Like Extra Work

We want everyone in your financial services institution to have an enjoyable and personalized experience with our platform. So we’ve designed it to be customizable to each user so you get the most out of each login. Because when solutions are easy to use, your people actually use them.

Delightfully Intuitive

We designed our technology to be delightfully intuitive for financial institutions and banks. Our platform allows for quick adoption, so everyone can get things done from day one and move on to more important tasks.

Mobile Management

Being productive shouldn’t end when you leave your desk. APS Mobile empowers employees and managers to knock out that to-do list from their preferred device. No apps to download, no extra logins…no muss, no fuss.

Dashingly Efficient

APS Dashboards gets your financial institution’s key data into a single view that’s easy on the eyes. You get real-time information at your fingertips, which means better collaboration and decision making…sweet.

APS Banks and Financial Services Customers

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