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Decrease labor costs and reduce compliance risks with our comprehensive attendance solution.

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Don’t let your time and labor manage you. Our time tracking system works in harmony with core HR and payroll, which means accurate timekeeping and better analytics. Our unified solution makes it easy to manage labor costs and create a more productive workforce.

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Time and Labor

Easily manage employee time and labor while tracking labor expenses.

Time Tracking

Automate your time tracking and make manual processes a thing of the past.


Create schedules and compare costs as you assign shifts.


Access real-time attendance reports to proactively manage labor expenses from any device.

Time and Labor

We make it easy to manage employee time and control labor costs.

Employee Scheduling, Time and Labor Management
  • Accurately capture hours of service across departments for proactive labor cost management.
  • Receive alerts for missed punches, time-off requests, and employees in or approaching overtime.
  • Easily create advanced time clock rules, automatic overtime rules for FLSA compliance, and shift differentials.

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Time Tracking

Accurately track employee time no matter how complex your workforce.

Employee Scheduling, Time and Labor Management
  • Utilize online time capture options to eliminate manual and paper-based processes.
  • Eliminate time fraud with biometric verification time clocks.
  • Time and attendance data automatically syncs to payroll data for accuracy.

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Create, assign, and manage schedules to streamline your workforce.

Employee Scheduling, Time and Labor Management
  • Assign multiple shifts to one employee or multiple employees to one shift.
  • Create and adjust schedules as needed.
  • Automatically syncs with payroll data ensuring accurate information.

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GPS tracking takes your time and attendance to the next level.

  • Employees can clock in from any mobile device using GPS tracking.
  • Instant view of employees’ mobile punches.
  • Control which employees use mobile clock in and where.

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The APS Buyer's Guide

Need help choosing the best solution for your company? We’ve got you covered.

Manager and Employee Self Service

Engage your managers and employees with access to relevant time & attendance information. Power to the people.

Time Off Requests and Time Tracking

Self service gives your employees and managers the power to be more productive from any device. Delegate tasks to your people and ensure accountability with access to time off requests, available PTO balances, and employee clock-in statuses.

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Time & Attendance Analytics

Reports and dashboards customized to meet your business goals.

Analytics and Dashboards for Time Tracking

Dive into real-time reports and dynamic forms, create custom reports for visibility into hours worked and overtime, and view dashboards for key time and labor information at your fingertips.

  • 80+ standard reports including Labor Expense, Overtime, and Timecard Detail.
  • Use filters to drive your reporting for a deeper analysis of your workforce.
  • Dashboard views for increased transparency and automated reporting.

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