100% Paperless Payroll

Faster and Easier in the Cloud

APS unifies payroll, core HR, and time & attendance in the cloud. We make it easy to achieve a 100% paperless payroll process with modern, flexible technology and paperless pay options.

Increase Efficiency

  • Use online document management like the APS core HR cloud storage feature to store and manage important payroll reports.
  • Employees can access their pay stub history at any time with our flexible employee self-service site.

Reduce Costs

  • Offer your non-banking employees the option to use a paycard. APS has partnered with U.S. Bank to offer the U.S. Bank Focus Card™.
  • Put an end to signing and shipping paper checks and reconciliations.

Eliminate Manual Processes

  • Eliminate manual, paper-based tasks and payroll errors by integrating payroll with time & attendance.
  • Paper timesheets and time cards are no longer needed and employee time is tracked and managed electronically.

Additional Resources

University-Health-System-Logo“APS’s web-based system, paperless payroll solution, and willingness to make the implementation successful within our timeframe were factors that quickly moved APS to the top of our list.”
–Robert Lindsey, Jr., Vice President Human Resources, University Health System

Why APS for paperless payroll?

With increased efficiency, cost reductions, and the elimination of manual processes, the real question is… why not APS?

why not APS?

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