Managing your employee scheduling shouldn’t create a headache. Our scheduling solution makes it easy to create, edit, and assign schedules to your employees, as well as manage labor expenses. And the best part? All of that data syncs with your payroll data for accurate paychecks and happy employees.

Work Templates Do the Heavy Lifting

Our flexible work templates make it easy to create the schedules you need based on a period of time, departments, or shifts. Then just wash, rinse, and repeat.


Create as many work templates as you want to meet your unique scheduling needs.


You get to choose start and end times, break times, and the number of employees needed.



Once you’ve created your work templates, simply choose which ones to use when creating your schedules.

Powerful Labor Expense Management

With scheduling, you have the power to see your total labor cost based on which employees you schedule. Never over-staff or under-staff your shifts again. Now that’s powerful.

Scheduling, Adding and Employee to a Shift

Simplified Scheduling

Our scheduling solution isn’t complicated or overwhelming. Create as many schedules as you need and assign the right employees as needed…it’s really that simple.

Assign Employees to a Shift

We make it easy to add multiple employees to one shift, all in one screen.

Assign Shifts to an Employee

If assigning multiple shifts to one employee is more your style, you can do that too.


Complete Transparency

See which employees are already scheduled or have scheduling conflicts before assigning them to a shift.

People Trust Us With Their Scheduling Needs

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Scheduling Unleashed

It doesn’t end there…we’ve taken flexibility to a whole new level with our scheduling solution with employee schedule edits, alerts, reports, and even self-service schedule views. It’s scheduling done right.

Edit Employee Schedules

Need to make a change to an employee’s schedule? No problem! Add new shifts or edit existing shifts on the schedule in a few clicks.

Alerts and Reports

Receive alerts for employees with variances between actual hours worked and hours scheduled. View reports for Scheduled vs. Actual Hours and even print schedules for employee distribution.

Empower Employees

Employees can view their scheduled shifts on any device using the employee self-service portal.

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