A Unified Solution for Your Industry

Built from scratch, APS is designed to evolve with your business and meet the unique needs of your industry. We want our solutions to make our clients’ lives easier and give them an enjoyable user experience, so you’re prepared for whatever
challenges may arise.

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APS helps educational institutions manage multiple pay groups, tax compliance, and employee lifecycle management, all in a truly unified solution.
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Financial Services

APS works with banks and financial institutions to help with managing regulatory and internal training, as well as employee scheduling across departments and branches so they can provide more value to their clients.
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APS gives healthcare facilities online HR and payroll tools to realign resources, manage the complexity of an ever-changing environment, and focus on strategic priorities and goals.
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APS provides a unified workforce management platform so hospitality organizations can easily recruit, hire, and manage employees across multiple locations while gaining visibility into cross-company metrics for better-controlled costs.
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Manufacturing and Machinery

APS helps manufacturing and machinery companies with productivity and employee safety while automating core workforce management processes.
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APS helps nonprofit organizations prepare for the future with reduced overhead, a more strategically aligned workforce, improved efficiency, and better insight into information.
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Learn More for Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

HR, payroll, and attendance solutions from APS help businesses in the oil and gas industry track time, manage labor expenses, and proactively handle employee safety in a unified platform.
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Learn More for Churches

Religious Organizations

APS provides unified workforce management solutions for payroll, core HR, and attendance delivered in the cloud and specifically designed for the needs of multi-campus religious organizations.
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HR and payroll solutions from APS help restaurants manage an ever-changing workforce and gain a real-time, consolidated view into operations across locations.
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Learn More for Technology Services

Technology Services

APS allows technology services companies to optimize their workforce and simplify time labor management while managing compliance and rapid growth.
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Learn More for Wholesale, Distribution, and Supply

Wholesale, Distribution, and Supply

APS allows wholesale, distribution, and supply companies to optimize their workforce and simplify time labor management while avoiding the hassles of expensive upgrades to outdated systems.
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Learn More for All Industries

All Industries

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Using technology built from scratch, APS provides total workforce management solutions that can adapt to meet your growing and changing businesses needs. It’s time for a workforce management solution that’s refreshingly different.
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Our Platform

APS provides a complete suite of solutions in a unified platform to meet the
unique needs of any organization.

Core HR, Payroll, and Attendance

Our unified workforce management platform includes Core HR, Payroll, and Attendance to help you organize, manage, pay, and schedule your workforce while reducing costs and risks.

Benefits Administration


Carrier Connections

Performance Reviews

Payroll Tax Compliance



Global Reporting and Employee Management

Help Center with Access to Videos and Tutorials

Recruiting & Onboarding

It’s time to get strategic with our Recruiting & Onboarding solution, APS Hire. Now you can easily attract, hire, and onboard top talent with the same platform you use to manage everything else about your workforce.

Careers Pages and Job Postings

Applicant Tracking

Questions and Assessments


References and Background Checks



ACA Compliance and Reporting

Our ACA Compliance and Reporting solution takes the complexity out of ACA compliance. Because it’s part of the same platform as our Core HR, Payroll, and Attendance solutions, you have peace of mind knowing you’re always working with up-to-date and accurate data.

Strategy and Compliance

Benefits and Staff Management


ACA Tracking and Dashboard Alerts

1094-C and 1095-C Reporting

Workforce Management Shouldn’t Feel Like Extra Work

We want everyone in your organization to have an enjoyable and personalized experience with our platform. So we’ve designed it to be customizable to each user so you get the most out of each login. Because when solutions are easy to use, your people actually use them.

Delightfully Intuitive

We designed our technology to be delightfully intuitive for any organization. Our platform allows for quick adoption, so everyone can get things done from day one and move on to more important tasks.

Mobile Management

Being productive shouldn’t end when you leave your desk. APS Mobile empowers employees and managers to knock out that to-do list from their preferred device. No apps to download, no extra logins…no muss, no fuss.

Dashingly Efficient

APS Dashboards gets your organization’s key data into a single view that’s easy on the eyes. You get real-time information at your fingertips, which means better collaboration and decision making…sweet.


APS is trusted and used by companies all over the nation.

"APS is the PERFECT SOLUTION! They provide excellent customer service and are always dependable. Their participation in my business allows us to focus on what matters most in today’s competitive business landscape."

Louis DeAngelo, Cinque Hospitality

Louis DeAngelo

Founder at Cinque Hospitality

"APS customer service is top notch. They are so helpful and you get a really quick response. You don’t ever sit on hold for hours on end and you get the RIGHT answer or resolution to your problem."

Lindsey Rosin

Controller at Ledgestone Hospitality

"APS is fast and intuitive. Our previous contractors were ADP and Paychex and neither were intuitive. We have fewer errors now and payroll prep time is down from 5 hours with ADP to 2 hours with APS."

Ronald D. Tompkins

Executive Director at 82nd Street Academics

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