APS Celebrates National Payroll Week

Last week, APS celebrated the American Payroll Association’s National Payroll Week (NPW). APS participated as an NPW Supporter to help spread the NPW message, as well as recognize the achievements of our own payroll professionals.

What Is NPW?:

National Payroll Week is spearheaded by more than 21,000 members of the American Payroll Association (APA) in partnership with federal and state agencies, NPW National Sponsors, local chambers of commerce, professional tax and human resource associations, and companies across the United States.

APS National Payroll Week Highlights:

Here’s a quick recap of the events APS held throughout the week:

  • Tuesday, September 4 –Smoothies and snacks were provided from Smoothie King along with a goodie bag for our valued employees.
  • Wednesday, September 5 Pizza was provided from Johnny’s Pizza House for a midweek lunch so our employees could gather and chat.
  • Thursday, September 6 - An omelet breakfast was made from scratch by our very own Payroll Professionals for our employees and we held our APS Bingo contest.
  • Friday, September 7 - A catered lunch from On The Geaux Catering was given and employees participated in a payroll-themed Jeopardy contest.

Everyone had such a great time participating last week! Our APS Baby Bingo game was a major hit and encouraged everyone from different departments to get to know one another. Employees had to guess which adorable baby picture was their coworker. Everyone’s APS and payroll knowledge was put to the test with our APS Jeopardy game. Here are the winners of the APS Bingo and APS Jeopardy:

Employee Advocacy Program Kickoff

During National Payroll Week, APS also kicked off our company-wide employee advocacy program. Did you know businesses with high employee engagement outperform those with unengaged employees by 202%? The APS employee advocacy program provides our employees with the opportunity to be brand advocates and showcase our company culture.

To kick our festivities up a notch, APS employees used the hashtags #PayrollWeek, #ASPNPW2018, and #yourworkforcepartner to promote all the activities they participated in for National Payroll Week. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages for pictures and posts of all the fun we had during National Payroll Week.

NPW Fast Facts:

  • The American Payroll Association founded National Payroll Week in 1996.
  • National Payroll Week coincides with the celebration of Labor Day. This special week celebrates the economic, cultural, and social achievements of workers and the significance of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”
  • The official slogan for NPW is “America Works Because We’re Working for America®” The money that payroll professionals collect from employees’ paychecks through the payroll withholding system is vital to the funding of important government programs that keep America working smoothly such as Medicare, the building of federal highways, social security, the U.S. military, and much more.
  • NPW is a national campaign to help America’s workers understand more about their paychecks, the payroll withholding system and other payroll-driven benefits.
  • During NPW, local APA chapters and members host presentations to school and civic groups, participate in community service initiatives and use local media to pass along information to today’s workers and the workers of tomorrow.

About APS

APS brings innovation and scalability to modern human capital management. We believe that our clients, their employees, and our partners deserve the best, easy-to-use human capital management platform delivered with personalized service and support. We build our technologies from the ground up, focusing on usability, efficiency, and adoption. APS understands the challenges organizations of all sizes face, which is why we craft a full spectrum of cloud solutions that address all aspects of employee management. By maintaining a vision of unified systems that make human capital management nearly effortless, we support our clients in their growth and success.

For more information, please visit www.apspayroll.com or call 855-945-7921.

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