The Importance of Efficiency in HR Technology


AUGUST, 2017


HR managers are responsible for so many different processes within an organization. Everything from processing payroll to ensuring compliance guidelines are met, all the while trying to hire top talent and retain those employees by creating a positive work environment. It’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

How do HR managers constantly juggle all those balls in the air? They have learned to be efficient at their jobs. But this is often a challenge because they are either managing it all manually or using a system that just doesn’t allow them to efficiently perform tasks. We previously discussed the importance of usability in HR Technology. This week, we’re discussing the importance of efficiency in HR technology and how it can make or break your business.

The Importance of Efficiency

Consider this scenario: You’re an HR manager who spends the day managing processes like payroll, benefits, recruitment, employee development, and compliance. 5:00 rolls around, but that’s not the end of your day. You’ve got your nose to the grindstone evenings and weekends trying to stay afloat with the neverending to-do list you face each day. Ok, you can pick up your jaw off the floor now.

That sounds like way too much for one person to manage, right? According to the Aberdeen Group, more than 50% of companies believe that their HR departments are neither efficient nor focused on the right tasks. And with everything we just described in our scenario above that falls squarely on the shoulders of an HR manager, it’s not surprising. But the right HR technology can make all the difference in your company and 85% of today’s top organizations are turning to technology to improve their efficiency.

Find the Right HR Technology

It’s not just about implementing an HR solution, you have to find the right one for your business needs. The first step is to find a platform built with a unified database. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures your data is accurate.

The right HR technology should also open up additional possibilities of increasing efficiency:

  • Online document storage eliminates paper-based processes and helps maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Connections with benefit providers allows for easy transmission of benefits paperwork ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Unified payroll and time tracking allows for better control of overtime and payroll errors are fixed before payday.
  • Hiring processes are streamlined as data flows from resume to application to employee record without having to re-key information.

Automation is Your Secret Weapon

The key to being an efficient HR manager is having the ability to automate your processes…everything from scheduling to performance reviews. And there is a bonus advantage to automation: employee retention. 72% more employees in organizations are using automated time and attendance solutions considered themselves highly engaged than in organizations without it.

But buyer beware: There is a difference between automation in a unified solution and automation in an integrated solution. Integrated translates to multiple databases and that opens up the potential for errors, which can cost you money down the road. Automating your HR processes will absolutely make you more efficient, but make sure your HR technology is unified with other processes like:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Time & Attendance
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling

This will ensure you aren’t opening yourself to a whole new level of inefficiency.

Doing More With Less

When you use HR technology that is efficient, you are able to do more with less. More often than not, HR managers are required to wear many hats and this doesn’t promote efficiency. So having the right tools that allow you to scale your tasks is paramount. According to author and HR consultant Margaret Jacoby, SPHR, some ways you can HR technology can help you scale and create more efficient processes include:

  • Providing standard processes for key HR activities, organizing all employee benefits, payroll, attendance, training and recruiting information to prevent having to spend time searching for data.
  • Reducing the time necessary for data entry, creating reports and resulting in a more efficient operation
  • Eliminating duplicate data entry since the information will flow across the system, thereby making you more efficient and productive.
  • Helping to avoid fines, penalties and lawsuit threats by ensuring thorough recordkeeping and centralized data.
  • Assisting employees to manage their own benefits and make routine changes to contact information and changes to dependent status. It also answers many of an employee’s routine questions about payroll, time off and benefits.

Not only can HR technology help you be more efficient with these types of tasks, it can also positively impact your bottom line.

Ensuring Efficiency

In order to make HR processes more efficient, and, ultimately, support the goals of your business, you have to start with a solid technology strategy. Typically, an HR technology strategy prioritizes usability, which goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. Make sure the vendor you partner with has a technology strategy that works in unison with your own. The HR technology you choose should not only meet your business needs now, but scale to meet your future needs as growth occurs. With this type of technology strategy in place, your business will continue to see efficiency gains for years to come.

For more information on how you can increase efficiency with your HR technology, download the Aberdeen HR Solutions: Usability, Efficiency, and Adoption report today. You may just find the secret ingredient for your HR success!

How APS Can Help

Headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, APS brings innovation and efficiency to modern workforce management while delivering personalized service and support. APS builds our award-winning technology from the ground up, focusing on usability, reliability, and compliance. APS crafts a unified platform of cloud solutions, including core HR, benefits administration, carrier connections, performance reviews, payroll, attendance, scheduling, recruiting, onboarding, self service, ACA compliance, and reporting.

In 2017, G2 Crowd ranked APS as the Best Software for HR and Administrative Teams and Gartner Software Advice recognized APS has a FrontRunner for its HR and Applicant Tracking Software. APS helps organizations in over 475 jurisdictions in all 50 states, including Rainbow Sandals, CC’s Coffee House, Cheerwine, and Columbia Southern University. For more information, please visit or call 855-945-7921.

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