Online Performance Reviews

Save valuable time, set goals, and make your employees more accountable with online performance reviews.

Meaningful Performance Reviews

APS Online Performance Reviews replaces time-consuming and paper-based processes with a cloud-based HR solution that keeps your employees on track, develops their skills, and allows managers to play a more active role.


Increase engagement by developing a performance evaluation process that works well for employees and your company.


Create goals for employees to give them a clear direction on how they can improve and further their careers.


Streamline your workflow by routing and tracking reviews automatically and providing participants with instant online access.

Better Performance-Based Decisions

With APS Online Performance Reviews, you can quickly access a centralized system of record to review performance data throughout the entire period, making it easy to write an accurate annual performance review.


Stay in touch with employees’ progress with HR and payroll details such as pay rates, bonuses, raises, and promotions.


Build detailed individual profiles by deciding who you want to reward, develop, and retain.


Easily identify performance gaps to increase employee and company performance.

Consistent Goal Accountability

One of the many features in the APS cloud-based HR solution, online performance reviews make it easy to monitor employees’ goals and create accountability. Once a performance review is created, goals are assigned to the employee record so both managers and employees can review the status at any time.


Managers can more easily motivate employees to increase productivity.



Easily rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values.


Create happier, more engaged employees with clear, consistent goals to retain higher-performing talent.

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