APS gave Antoine’s Restaurant the ingredients to run a more efficient and productive business while fostering a culture of excellence.

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About Antoine’s Restaurant:

Established in 1840, Antoine’s is the country’s oldest family-run restaurant and a New Orleans icon. Founded by Antoine Alciatore, this historic restaurant has prospered under the Alciatore-Guste family’s direction for more than 170 years and is known as one of the cornerstones of the city’s unique food culture.


APS Solutions Used:
Payroll | Core HR | Time & Attendance


  • Inefficient solutions.
  • Controlling costs.
  • Lack of comprehensive reporting.
  • Return on investment.
  • Payroll system that was difficult to use.

I don’t like to waste time searching for things. I want to be able to access and develop the report I need quickly. With the layout of the APS System, running payroll and reports couldn’t be easier.

Emilie Daigle

Human Resources Manager


When selecting a new integrated time and attendance and payroll system, Daigle said the management team focused on the following criteria:

  • Integration compatibility with Avero, a sales and labor tracking system.
  • Cost-effective system.
  • Ease of use.
  • Strong customer service response.
  • Enhanced reporting functionality.
  • Online data access for managers.
  • Time-saving features.


Integration with existing business investments.

Antoine’s management team chose APS’s unified attendance and payroll system in July of 2010. The APS system was also successfully integrated with Avero, Antoine’s sales and labor tracking program.

“The payroll system we had before was a lot more expensive and much more difficult to use,” said Daigle. “The layout of the APS system puts everything you need at your fingertips.”

A smooth conversion process.

She described the conversion to the APS system as a smooth process with minimal disruption to operations. Daigle credits the successful conversion and their continued success to APS’s approach to customer service.

“They have a very helpful team that is just a phone call away. Anytime we have a problem, they are quick to help.”

Intuitive reporting and dashboards.

Daigle believes that the reporting features bring incredible operational efficiency.

“I love the reporting we can do in the Report Builder. You can drill down and pinpoint the specific information that you want in a report. For example, with the Time Card Detail Report, you can drill down to a specific employee and manage his or her time. You can also break it down by department or by classification so that you get just the information you need to manage time and people effectively.”

Increased efficiency and productivity.

Daigle said the intuitive design makes it easy to find vital information for better task management.

“There are just not enough hours in most days. I don’t like to waste time searching for things. I want to be able to access and develop the report I need quickly. With the layout of the APS System, running payroll and reports couldn’t be easier.”

Delegation of tasks for significant time savings.

The enhanced reporting functionality in the APS system puts labor and payroll information directly in the hands of the management team, eliminating Daigle’s wasted time as an information gateway.

“Our managers can access payroll and time and attendance information pertaining to those they manage. This is an important management tool and a time-saver because they have direct access to the information they need instead of waiting for me to run a report for them. With this feature, they can manage labor costs by analyzing overtime and identifying who is not working enough hours.”

Empowered and engaged employees.

APS’s eSELFSERVE feature has also opened up direct access to employees, which saves valuable company time.

“Our employees can print W-2 forms or pay stubs directly from the eSELFSERVE, and they can reprint alcohol server cards on their own if they lose them instead of having to go through our department,” said Daigle.

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