APS empowered Hillside Christian Church to grow its ministry and reap all the benefits of a cloud-based payroll platform.

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About Hillside Christian Church:

Hillside Christian Church is a non-denominational church communicating God’s Word in a creative and compelling way throughout the Texas Panhandle.

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  • Managing multiple locations.
  • Inefficient and inflexible systems.
  • Varied employee types.
  • Visibility into key data and metrics across locations.
  • Compliance with special taxation issues.

Having advanced systems in place like the APS Payroll Solution to facilitate multiple location administration is critical to successfully managing continued church growth. It’s also a factor in attracting talented leaders because they often look for a church with management and technology tools in place which demonstrates a commitment to team excellence.

Bob Schroeder

West Campus Pastor & Executive Pastor Central Services


Hillside Christian Church’s growth led Schroeder to the decision to explore moving to a cloud-based payroll solution with the following criteria:

  • Payroll system provider with previous church experience.
  • Cloud-based payroll system with online access.
  • Opportunity to move to a paperless payroll system.
  • Intuitive reporting.
  • Capacity to grow with the church.


A payroll partner with previous church experience.

Hillside Christian Church implemented the APS Online Payroll Solution in October of 2008.

“Another church which has been highly pleased with their experience referred us to APS. That was important to us because working with a church is totally different than working with a for-profit organization. APS is aware of the tax law differences and does an excellent job with tax compliance from start to finish.”

An efficient cloud-based platform.

Finance Director Diane Denham said they noticed the immediate benefits the church gained from moving to an online system.

“The biggest advantage of a cloud-based system is that you can run payroll online without having to be physically at your office desk. With all of us wearing many hats in Central Services and needing to be at various campuses at times, this has been a huge benefit for us. The eSELFSERVE feature gives this same level of online accessibility to all of our employees.”

Elimination of manual, paper-based processes.

The church’s payroll system is also paperless, which contributes to added operational savings.

“It so simple and secure,” said Denham. “Our employees receive an email instead of a pay stub that lets them know they have a new pay item in their bank account.”

Intuitive reporting for cross-campus transparency.

Denham described the APS reporting feature as intuitive and flexible, which saves valuable time.

“When it comes time to pull information for audits, it is so easy to do. We can pull deductions, compensation, housing or whatever we need.”

Schroeder agreed. “I particularly like the change report APS offers because I can look back and see what changes I made which also helps when establishing an audit trail. And if we need to change the way we are approaching a report, it is not a problem. We are getting ready to structure retirement holdings a little differently. I can just make a phone call to APS, and they will tailor the report to our needs. It has been our experience that they will do everything possible to accommodate clients.”

A solution that scales as growth occurs.

As the church continues to grow, Schroeder is also confident that the APS system will grow with it.

“We don’t have to start at ground zero each time we add a campus. We create a new set of classifications, and we are good to go,” said Schroeder.

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