Regional Government Services was drowning in accounting and payroll complexities. With APS, they have a partner supporting their strategy and growth.

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About Regional Government Services:

Regional Government Services (RGS) and Local Government Services (LGS) are government agencies established in 2001 to provide administrative, support and staffing services to other California public agencies.

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APS Solutions Used:
Payroll | Core HR | Time & Attendance |
Benefits Administration


  • infefficient payroll processing.
  • Inflexible platform.
  • Lack of customer support.
  • Inability to run meaningful reporting.
  • Integration between accounting and payroll.

Our payroll administration is now completed in half the time with half the people. APS also has the ability to hold billing data and provided an export that cut our billing time by 75 percent.

Jeff Kise

Senior Financial Analyst


RGS & LGS identified the following criteria they needed in a cloud workforce management solution:

  • Flexibility and superior customer support.
  • Improve efficiencies and save valuable time with payroll processing.
  • Greater opportunities for customization.
  • Advanced reporting tools for increased visibility.


A smooth implementation process.

After careful consideration, RGS/LGS decided to implement the APS platform for Core HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance. During the conversion process, Kise cautioned APS that they would face significant implementation challenges because the current RGS/LGS staff had not been directly involved with accounting and payroll. Because current staff had little experience with existing payroll operations, APS had no dedicated source to readily answer questions concerning previous payroll processes.

“APS was very patient as we worked together to decipher how it was done before and to establish process preferences and functionality needs as we moved forward,” said Kise.

Exceptional service and support with cost savings.

Kise said APS delivered not only on his agency’s initial selection criteria, and but also exceeded expectations.

“The flexibility of the cloud interface, the ability to write custom export files for data integration, the advanced reporting capabilities, the ability of APS to support multiple employers for an employee, and the level of personal service and support have all exceeded our expectations. We consider APS to be a great value in terms of functionality and service relative to the cost.”

Efficient and intuitive analytics for total transparency.

The Report Builder and General Ledger integration are two of Kise’s favorite APS features.

“The ability to create and save custom reports and to access reports in APS’s comprehensive suite of standard reports allows us to easily get the data in the format preferred by our client,” said Kise.

Personalized customer support.

He described the level of customer service and support APS consistently delivers as another dramatic difference.

“With our previous vendor, you had to start every conversation with a salesperson, and many times this person had no idea what you were trying to achieve or how to get you there. With APS, I know exactly who to go to for what I need, and I have confidence that we will receive a timely response.”

A strategic partner for long-term growth.

In fact, as RGS/LGS leadership continues to diversify their business model, even more payroll services have been added to the existing service line.

“We see APS as a logical partner in that effort. We wouldn’t be moving in that direction if we didn’t have a payroll system in place that we can grow with confidence to cost- effectively meet the needs of our clients.”

A cloud-based workforce structure.

The APS OnLine cloud payroll system also fits the RGS/LGS virtual workforce management structure.

“We no longer have a brick and mortar accounting department. The APS OnLine system allows us to operate as the virtual workforce that we are.”

A more efficient business model.

“Our payroll administration is now completed in half the time with half the people,” noted Kise. “APS also has the ability to hold billing data and provided an export that cut our billing time by 75 percent.”

Elimination of duplicated processes.

In addition, RGS/LGS employees have access to the APS OnLine employee self-service site, eSELFSERVE.COM, which allows them to conveniently access timesheets and pay stubs from any location.

“Previously, our employees had to log into two different systems to retrieve this information. Now it’s in a single, highly accessible system. And the Time & Attendance Notes feature has eliminated redundant paperwork for my consultants, which saves even more time.”

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